Strongest Families Expands Stepped Care Services With Funding From PHAC

Strongest Families Institute (SFI) is pleased to receive $1,325,000 over four years from the Public Health Agency  Canada (PHAC) to continue funding for mental health innovation, as well as expanding and innovating SFI’s stepped care approach in the delivery of our evidence-based programs as part of PHAC’s Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund.

By enhancing SFI’s proven programs to align with stepped care, we can equip more families with valuable skills to promote, prevent, and improve mental health and well-being in the broader population.

Through this population mental health approach, SFI will provide proven skills via our programs to promote positive parenting styles with our Parents Empowering Kids (ages 3-12) program, as well as positive coping strategies for child and youth anxiety with our Chase Worries Away (ages 6-12) and Defeat Anxiety (ages 13-17) programs.

The Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund (MHP-IF) provides national funding to support the delivery of innovative, community-based programs in mental health promotion for infants, children and youth, young adults and their caregivers. This funding supports priority groups susceptible to mental health inequities, such as First Nations, Inuit and Métis, 2SLGBTQI+, newcomers and refugees, and people with other socioeconomic risk factors.

On May 6th, the Government of Canada announced the program’s second phase of funding, supporting 10 projects for a total investment of $12.2 million.

To read the full release, please visit the Government of Canada’s website HERE