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This program educates parents and children (ages 6-11) about anxiety and guides them as they learn relaxation skills and how to face worry in real life. The program typically deals with difficulties separating from loved ones, worry about performance, and specific fears. Symptoms you may be seeing in your child could be sudden aches and pains (belly/head), lack of attention, withdrawal, and negative thoughts. In this program, your child will explore what anxiety is, practice techniques to help ease anxiety, use their imagination and learn how to take control of anxiety by creating a plan to defeat worry. All program materials are free to the client. Programs are available in English and French.

Signs that may tell you that your child has anxiety are:

  • avoidance of anxiety-causing situations that children should enjoy (e.g., sleepovers, social outings, sports).
  • complaints of aches and pains (belly/head) especially prior to school/daycare, tests, or other outings/activities
  • complaints of butterflies in the belly, fidgety or sweaty hands/body, panic attacks
  • inability to focus, lack of attention, and/or withdrawal negative self-talk and negative thought patterns
Anxiety in Children Coping Techniques.

“[The experience] has been extremely positive. It worries me to think of where we might be if we hadn’t started this program, because she was getting worse and now she’s getting better. I’m so excited for the success we are going to have in the end."

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is the unpleasant feeling or signs of nervousness, stress or worry when there is real or imagined danger nearby. Anxiety is a natural part of life. It is normal to feel anxious or nervous when facing certain situations. Anxiety or worry that lasts a short while and does not interfere with daily life and activities, is considered normal.

When is Anxiety a Problem?

We know anxiety is a problem when a person gets intense, longer-lasting anxiety feelings towards a situation that is not a danger or threat. This can be scary and can result in people avoiding doing certain activities or going to certain places. Anxiety is a problem if it interferes with life and enjoyment. This is when you should seek help.

This program provides caregivers and children with handbooks and/or access to a secure website, videos, relaxation audio clips, daily worry tracker and weekly telephone support from a coach.

Children are introduced to two “friends” Felicia and Jay who will help them on their journey to better mental health. Together they will share ideas and scenarios that are relevant to the child's age and specific anxiety they may be feeling. Children receive interactive, fun tools to help track their worry and notice their own anxiety-causing triggers. This assists the child in knowing when and why they feel those emotions as well as the opportunity to keep track of what makes them feel better.

Each Week You Will:

  • Commit to weekly calls with your Coach
  • Help and encourage your child to complete weekly exercises
  • Ensure your child fills out their worry tracker daily
  • Practice the skills with your child daily
  • Encourage your child to use their skills in anxiety-causing situations

Each Week We Will:

  • Talk to you and your child on the phone to review the material
  • Help you and your child learn new skills
  • Practice skills with you
  • Answer your questions
  • Encourage and support you
  • Fill out your worry tracker

To refer to our program, please visit our HOW TO REFER page and select your province of residence for detailed information.