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Defeat Anxiety in Children

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The Defeat Anxiety Program helps youth ages 12-17 learn skills to overcome, control and gradually face their anxiety. Youth are guided, by their personal Coach, to overcome anxiety surrounding school, social situations, peer acceptance, applying to university or jobs, going to job interviews, getting a driver’s license, and many other common challenges that youth face. All program materials are free to the client. Programs are available in English and French.

Signs that you may have anxiety:

  • Avoidance of anxiety-causing situations that you normally enjoy (e.g., sports, hanging out with friends)
  • Stomach aches and headaches prior to school, tests, sports practices/games or other activities
  • Panic attacks, sweaty hands/body, fidgety
  • Inability to focus, lack of attention, and/or withdrawal
  • Negative self-talk and negative thought patterns

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is the unpleasant feeling or signs of nervousness, stress or worry when there is real or imagined danger nearby. Anxiety is a natural part of life. It is normal to feel anxious or nervous when facing certain situations. Anxiety or worry that lasts a short while and does not interfere with daily life and activities is considered normal.

When is Anxiety a Problem?

We know anxiety is a problem when a person gets intense, longer-lasting anxiety feelings towards a situation that is not a danger or threat. This can be scary and can result in people avoiding doing certain activities or going to certain places. Anxiety is a problem if it interferes with life and enjoyment. This is when you should seek help.

Each Week You Will:

  • Commit to weekly calls with your Coach
  • Exercise patience. Change takes time. Stay committed to weekly skills and practice. It will get better with time.
  • Support your child. Children will require more support than others. Stay committed and supportive and together you will achieve great results.
  • Help provide encouragement. By working together, you will start to see a change in how your child deals with anxiety. Your commitment to following the program will help us help you.

Each Week We Will:

  • Provide telephone support to you from your personal Coach
  • Educate you on types and causes of anxiety
  • Help plan sessions to gradually help you overcome anxiety
  • Teach Behaviour Therapy skills to implement

Defeat Anxiety Program Options:

  • Group Calls
    Each member joins weekly scheduled group calls. Together with your Coach, you'll learn skills to defeat your anxiety. Some people say they're nervous at first but get more comfortable and enjoy the peer-to-peer support. Keep in mind: your peers are experiencing anxiety just like you. No one will judge or make you talk if you don’t want to.
  • One-on-one Calls
    Your Coach will call you individually for weekly scheduled calls. With your Coach, you’ll discuss your successes and challenges to help defeat your anxiety.

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