Chase Pain Away – Recurrent Headache/Abdominal Pain

Chase Pain Away

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Our Chase Pain Away (CPA) program (ages 9-16) aims to help you or your child learn to deal with recurrent headaches, stomach pain, or both unrelated to underlying anxiety. Our program specializes in pain management in children, providing one-on-one weekly coaching at a schedule that best suits your family’s needs. You’ll receive a handbook, a pain diary, information on understanding various kinds of pain, and media to help you learn effective skills to help manage your or your child’s pain.

In this program, we will review your pain diary weekly and how it is best used to understand the pain patterns as they relate to your child. You will read through the program materials each week to learn new skills to help your child. You will help your child understand pain, why it happens, and any triggers that may be causing it, and encourage and support your child. It will include information on the importance of exercise, diet and pain medication management. Your Coach will help support you and answer any questions you have. You will see results with the commitment from you, your child and your Coach. This program is available in English and French.

Each Week You Will:

  • Participate in weekly telephone calls to review the material
  • Help and encourage your child to complete weekly exercises
  • Ensure your child fills out their pain diary daily
  • Practice the skills with your child daily
  • Encourage your child to use their skills when they are in pain

Each Week We Will:

  • Participate in weekly telephone calls to review the material
  • Provide guidance for you and your child to learn new skills
  • Practice skills with you
  • Answer any questions and problem solve through any challenges you may be having
  • Encourage and support you

To refer to our program, designed to help pain management in children, please visit our HOW TO REFER page and select your province of residence for detailed information.