child behaviour problem
child behaviour problem

Improve your confidence as a parent!

Join our Parents Empowering Kids program and learn skills to help prevent, manage and overcome childhood behavior problems. 

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Our Parents Empowering Kids Program (PEK) for children 3-12 years old empowers caregivers. Learn to deal with common child behaviour problems such as temper outbursts, not listening, verbal and physical aggression, and difficulties paying attention. You will learn how to manage challenging behaviours and situations. You will receive a full toolkit to help you and your child track your journey. This will include a parent handbook and DVD and/or a login to our secure website, behaviour chart for home, a daily report card for the school, and weekly sessions with your coach. This is available in English and French as well as the choice of one-on-one coaching or group-based with other parents dealing with similar challenges.

Our program skills have been proven to overcome child behaviour problems. SFI has helped thousands of families resolve presenting problems and our goal is to build on the strengths of caregivers.

With the help of your Coach, you will find new ways to use your positive skills to improve your situation. You will learn how to manage challenging behaviors and situations whether they are currently present, or you simply wish to prevent them from occurring in the future.

Your commitment to following the program, using the skills often and every day, will help us to help you! It can take many weeks to see a difference. Don’t give up!

Caregivers who have finished this program tell us:

  • They are happier and more confident about their parenting skills
  • Their children are happier and doing better at home and school/daycare
  • Their family is happier and relationships are stronger

"I wasn't sure what I was doing was right as a Parent. Strongest Families helped give me the tools and confidence to know that I was doing a good job for my child."

Each Week You Will:

  • Talk with your Coach on the phone for 45 minutes
  • Read material, do exercises, and watch videos
  • Learn the skills to help your child
  • Make notes. Ask Questions.
  • Every day you will: Use the skills with your child often, every day

Each Week We Will:

  • Call you weekly for the next 4 months
  • Review the skill information with you during each call
  • Practice the skills with you over the phone
  • Problem-solve with you and answer your questions
  • Encourage and support you
  • Help you match the skills to manage behaviours

Sign up and discover transformative solutions to overcome child behaviour problems today! To refer to our program, please visit our HOW TO REFER  page and select your province of residence for detailed information.