Dry Nights Ahead – Nighttime Bedwetting

Dry Nights Ahead | Overcome Nighttime Bedwetting

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The Dry Nights Ahead program is designed to help children ages 5-12 overcome nighttime bedwetting with the use of a urine alarm, reward system, and weekly telephone support from a Coach. All materials including the urine alarm are sent to you free of charge.

If your child wets the bed at least 2 times a week with no known underlying medical cause, then this program can help you!

Statistics tell us that in the average grade three class, 2-3 children will have bedwetting occurrences. Common causes are often children who are deep sleepers, hereditary factors and/or how the brain and the bladder communicate during sleep.

Together with a group of peers and your Coach, you will explore the reasons that cause bedwetting in children and provide you with proven techniques to help your child have dry nights, including when to implement the urine alarm and reward systems.

This program is available in English/French.

“I am so happy I finished this program. I am more confident now and I celebrated by having my very first sleepover”

Each Week You Will:

  • Review the material to help your child be successful
  • Fill out the daily tracker so we can monitor your child’s success together
  • Encourage your child! Be their support person when setbacks happen, or motivation diminishes
  • Rely on your Coach, ask lots of questions. By working together, things will get better!


Each Week We will:

  • Have weekly telephone calls to guide you through the material and problem solve through any challenges you may be experiencing
  • Support you through the steps needed to be successful
  • Help you help your child meet each milestone throughout the program that will lead to consistent dry nights
  • Ask questions to you that they are not sure of so that you can work through this with the coach
  • Help you keep track of the stickers chart to help track progress

To refer to our program, please visit our HOW TO REFER page and select your province of residence for detailed information.