Our Coaches

Our Coaches

Strongest Families Institute’s telephone coaching approach has been proven effective in clinical trials. Children and adults alike report having strong relationships with their Coach. SFI is not a replacement for therapy. SFI programs are an effective way to equip people with valuable life-skills.

Our Coaches:

  • support, encourage and actively problem-solve with their clients, step-by-step
  • are highly trained, caring and capable para-professionals. They are not licensed therapists
  • are trained and monitored for quality service to make sure our skill-based protocols are followed
  • are required to meet expected training competencies on an ongoing basis
  • are competency trained to provide quality care to various client backgrounds and specific sensitivities, focused on inclusion (e.g., Military, LGBT, Indigenous, marital separation, neurodevelopmental disorders, etc).
  • meet weekly with a supervisor to receive extra training support for their clients' care journey
  • follow our protocol scripts as a guide to keep the calls on track and focused on skills acquisition

If challenges arise throughout the program, there is a health clinician they consult with. Research conducted by Drs. Pottie and McGrath show that adults report very strong relationships with their telephone support coach.

Our internal Coach training and certification programs are rigorous and intensive to ensure coach competencies are maintained. Training includes competency testing to ensure protocol adherence and a skill level that will result in positive outcomes.

The results of our service programs provide evidence that SFI programs have a strong, positive impact on family relationships, parental mood and family functioning.

SFI programs are delivered via one on one coaching sessions, online, or a group option is available for the behaviour, youth and adult anxiety & depression, and nighttime bedwetting programs.