Keeping Spirits Bright From A Distance

As we all prepare for the holidays, many are trying to figure out what it will mean to make a “plan for a different holiday celebration this year.” For some, this brings feelings of confusion, sadness or anxiety. We are asking ourselves questions such as “How do we explain this to our children when we still are not sure exactly what It means ourselves?”

Many children are wondering if they will be able to visit with family and friends this holiday season. The answer seems a bit complicated. What we do know, is that the safety of our loved ones and our community, now more than ever, must come first.

So, what can we do to prepare them for a “different” holiday season? If we try to focus on some positive activities that keep spirits bright, we can create excitement for a new, joyful experience.
After all, the magic of the holiday season is not lost – the true holiday spirit lives deep within each of us! So, let’s break out the holiday thinking cap, be creative with our ideas for fun activities to enjoy, and find ways to spread some holiday cheer.

A Holiday Craft Night

Holiday cards and personalized gifts have always been a favourite in our house. Our tree still adorns those homemade ornaments the kids made when they were in grade school and the homemade cards seem to be the ones that take up most of the bottom draw of treasures. So, sharpen the pencils and crayons, pull out the construction paper and put some love on paper. Plan to share them with someone who could use some holiday cheer this year.

Make A New Tradition

Perhaps there is an old family recipe that has just been gathering dust in the cookbook cupboard – maybe nanny’s favourite pie or cookies. Most years the hustle and bustle of the holidays may not leave time enough to do some home baking. Kids love to help in the kitchen and will cherish taking part in bringing back to life a family tradition. You could tell family stories about loved ones who will not be with you this year, take some photos and share the memories in a nice frame along with a fresh batch of traditional cookies/pies.

Plan for Virtual Holiday Greetings and Connections

By now, we have all become used to FaceTime, Zoom or other online platforms that help us gather and see each other – fun fact – zoom was the 6th most searched word on google this year! While it may not be the same, several online platforms allow you to play games or watch your favourite movie together, even if you are apart. Don’t forget about the telephone as a great option to stay connected too. Remember, just hearing someone’s voice or seeing their face can bring great joy to loved ones.

Do a ‘porch drop’ for family members that can’t be with you for your holiday celebration and gather online together to share in the joy of the unveil. You can even all plan some time to cook a prepared meal together and eat at the same “table.” Your holiday dinner can still be fun!

Keep the Spirits Bright

So, while we know that this year things will look different, be creative and embrace ideas that your children may have to help ‘Keep Spirits Bright’. Share some of your ideas of fun activities to enjoy together and how you can share your cheer and love with friends and families, from a distance. By sharing our ideas, we can spread the cheer.

From our home to yours, happy holidays.

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