I have never felt this happy!

Anxiety can be debilitating or crippling and can impact our lives in many ways. When left untreated, it can have lasting effects that can result in isolation, depression, and poor health.

In Nova Scotia, our Adult Anxiety Program (ICAN) makes up 56% of referrals. We know that statistics tell us that one in five adults will suffer from mental illness and that by the age of 40, 50% of the population will have, or have had, mental illness. (1)

For some, like our client who bravely shared her story with us, you may have tried other ways to help overcome the signs of anxiety and they did not work.

We urge you, don’t give up. We can help. 

Client story (22-year-old female)

“When I first joined the ICAN program it was honestly a last resort.

My anxiety had me so debilitated that I was having multiple #panic #attacks a day multiple times a week, didn’t get out of bed out of fear that if I did something was going to happen. Nothing brought me joy. And I was so anxious to the point where I didn’t want to go on living anymore.”

I have a better quality of life

“Since joining the ICAN program I have a better quality of life; in just 8 short weeks I got myself back in school, booking my own Drs. appointments, talking to people on the phone and most importantly I can leave my house without fear that something might happen.

I have never felt this happy ever and it’s because of the ICAN program.

I don’t think there was just one thing that helped me the most in this program. I always used a combo of skills to get better results, I loved mini goals and exposure plans and deep breathing as well as daily self-care. it helped me find a healthier way of coping with my thoughts and feelings than lashing out at people.”

This program changed me

“I’m happy and I’m finally back to myself, I’ve gone down to barely any panic attacks and if I do I use my skills and it’s gone in 5 minutes and I can continue on with my day. I’ve grown so much in the last 8 weeks in so many incredible ways and I’ve never thought that I would be able to say that I am so so proud of myself and who I’m becoming. This program changed me for the better.

I would definitely 100% recommend starting the ICAN program they give you great tips and tools and it’s what saved my life “

Learn More about adult anxiety and ICAN

The Adult Anxiety (ICAN) program (ages 18+) is designed to help you learn skills to control, face and deal with your anxiety. You will learn skills to use daily to help you overcome your anxiety and deal with major life stressors.

To learn more about recognizing the signs of anxiety and when to get help visit our ICAN page HERE.

To refer to a program near you, please visit our HOW TO REFER page and navigate to your home province.