E-Mental Health Stepped-Care Parenting Program to Be Piloted in Newfoundland and Labrador

The Honourable John Haggie, Minister of Health and Community Services, today announced that the Strongest Families Institute will receive $520,000 from the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund to pilot a new, stepped-care model of their proven parenting program in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Starting this fall, and over the next 1.5 years, approximately 800 Newfoundland and Labrador children and their families will benefit from the expanded Parents Empowering Kids – The Early Years program. This universal, stepped-care approach is designed to provide evidence-based programs to promote positive parenting skills and prevent behavioural challenges in early childhood for children ages three to 12. There is no cost to families.

There will be four levels of program offerings in this stepped-care model:

  • Level 1: For parents with three-to-six-year-olds who wish to learn key positive parenting skills to prevent behavioural challenges.
  • Level 2:For parents of three-to-six-year-olds presentingwith mild behavioural issues.
  • Level 3:For parents with three-to-six-year-olds with behavioural issues that cause some child or family impairments.
  • Level 4: For parents of three-to-12-year-olds presenting with significant problems and significant impairments.

Parents interested in accessing the program services can visit the website of the Strongest Families Institute or Bridge the gApp, or call toll free 1-866-470-7111.

The Strongest Families Institute is an award-winning, charity endorsed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Governor-General of Canada, which leverages technology and skilled coaches to deliver evidence-based programs across the country to children, youth, adults and families with mental health difficulties, or other issues impacting health and well-being.

As part of Towards Recovery: The Mental Health and Addictions Action Plan for Newfoundland and Labrador, since 2017, the Department of Health and Community Services has secured $1.1 million annually through the Federal Health Accord for e-mental health programs. This includes annual funding for the Strongest Families Institute.

Parents Empowering Kids – The Early Years fulfills a commitment in Towards Recovery to provide families with access to programs that focus on parental coping skills and building resiliency in children and families.  


“Developing programs through stepped care for mental health and addictions, and providing access to evidence-based services via technology has helped make Newfoundland and Labrador a leader in e-health, and a prime testing ground for expanding e-health solutions. This new pilot program promotes wellness and early intervention for mild to moderate mental health issues by providing children and families with access to customized care in the comfort of their own homes.”

Honourable John Haggie

Minister of Health and Community Services

“Through our online educational approach, our goal is to reform the current system by focusing on a stepped care approach to prevent behaviour issues by providing Parents Empowering Kids – The Early Years universally to all parents of preschoolers, as the first step towards promoting positive parenting. By equipping parents with these proven skills in the early years, will help them deal with behavioural challenges in a positive manner, promoting a healthier future for the child and family. We are extremely excited to pilot this stepped-care approach to caregivers in Newfoundland and Labrador, thanks to funding from Public Health Agency Canada’s Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund.”

Dr. Patricia Lingley-Pottie

President and CEO, Strongest Families Institute

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